The Cybersecurity
Professional Program

Turn Your Passion
Into Potential

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This unique Introductory Course teaches students about defensive cybersecurity, to assess if this is the right career path for them. You’ll get to learn the basics, obtain first-hand knowledge of how our real-world training exercises work, and gain access to one-on-one mentorship from your instructors starting from day one.

At the end of the course, each student takes a summary exam and has an assessment to examine their future in the program. Most importantly, this course discusses students' expectations of working in cybersecurity versus the reality.

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Virtual Learning

Learning about cybersecurity is one thing, but the ability and experience to put it into practice is what will set you apart from the competition. Our hands-on approach will allow you to gain valuable experience, giving you all the tools you need to work in the field immediately after completing the program. The American University Cybersecurity Professional Program's virtual simulation labs model real-life scenarios that provide you with a practical understanding of the information and how to apply it in the workplace.

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Internship Placement Assistance

Our instructors will provide you with one-on-one mentorship and professional networking assistance, giving you the opportunity to build relationships with experts in the field and to develop the valuable experience that many employers look for when hiring. This gives you an excellent opportunity to make connections with alumni and top businesses in the area. As part of our program, students have access to our personalized internship placement assistance.*

*Internship placement is not guaranteed. Terms and conditions apply.

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Career Services

To help ensure your success upon entering the workforce, our dedicated team of Career Services advisors will provide you with guidance every step of the way to ensure that you stand out in the workforce and get ahead in your career. They will help you tailor your resume, write cover letters, increase your professional online presence, discover unpublished hiring opportunities, give you access to our extensive professional network, and work with you one-on-one to train for industry-specific job interviews.

Career Services are consultation-based only and do not guarantee job placement.

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American University’s Cyber Labs give students a competitive edge by providing the exact elements that employers in the field are looking for: a relevant and diverse skill-set and an extensive amount of immersive experience working on real-world cyber projects.

Instructors provide students with engaging and challenging simulation environments that closely represent real-world attacks and other scenarios. These simulations give students the experience that cybersecurity professionals need to defend against attacks and quickly resolve issues.

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